How to monitor video with remote camera? How to monitor remote cameras?

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The remote camera is the same as the remote video recorder. You only need to obtain the serial number of the camera to remotely view it through the supporting computer client software.

Note: You can only see the real-time picture by using the monitoring pinhole remote camera directly. Of course, you can use the client to record and capture pictures.

How to monitor video with remote camera?

Remote camera, also known as remote network monitoring, refers to the scene where the monitor is not around the monitoring camera or other camera collection equipment, and the scene of the scene monitoring video is viewed from a distance through the network, so that even if the monitor is not on the scene, he can also view the scene in real time. the needs of the situation. Just imagine if you are in the head office and can view the real-time scene of the company or even several branches or stores in real time, what kind of experience is that?

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The realization of the remote camera requires certain conditions, which are roughly as follows:

1. Front end

Cameras and other network acquisition equipment, cameras integrated with IP network modules, can be smoothly connected to the Internet, surveillance cameras are selected according to needs, generally dome cameras, bolts and hemispheres. The camera is mostly used for long-distance shooting such as corridors and outdoors. Generally, the hemisphere can be rotated for shooting and the focal length can be adjusted in important occasions. Of course, there are also some industry equipment, such as explosion-proof, waterproof, eagle-eye light special-purpose cameras.

2. Intermediate transmission part

An intelligent networking gateway is equivalent to a remote networking device. Now, network operators rarely give public IPs. Except for private lines with public IPs, other broadbands are basically internal IPs, which means they cannot be directly accessed by external networks. Access, you can use third-party services to achieve remote networking, to achieve the interconnection of each point;

Requirements for third-party services on the network environment:

2.1 An Internet network with access to the Internet (of course a dedicated line is better);

2.2 Bandwidth, this is the requirement for you to watch several cameras. The bandwidth required for watching one channel and ten channels is definitely different;

2.3 The quality requirement of the transmitted picture, which is similar to the concept of the number of camera channels. It is a requirement for bandwidth. The higher the HD requirement, the more bandwidth is required;

3. Backend

The storage server NVR can also be used as a video server. Of course, the cost and other accounting should be added. The hard disk video recorder solves the problem of long-term recording. If you need to store for a long time, you can choose the size of the hard disk. Of course, if the number of visitors is large, or the storage time is large, it is recommended to choose a video server, an integrated video server with functions such as streaming media, distribution server, and storage.

4. Accessories, etc.

Accessories such as network cables, routers, power cables, etc., are a must.

The main work of remote video surveillance is network planning. Other modular systems such as cameras and storage are very mature solutions. As long as the network is allowed on-site, the best effect is point-to-point dedicated lines. Of course, the price is also relatively high. , the budget can only be used. In general, you can use third-party services, such as Zerodun intelligent networking gateway, which is easy to operate. You can deploy one in the mode of connecting to the router at each point, and the effect is comparable to that of a dedicated line.

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