How to install the wireless camera? How far is the wireless camera transmission distance?

How to install the wireless camera?

1. First of all, prepare a set of wireless camera equipment, because the current wireless monitoring system is a whole, so it will not be the same as before to install the lens and infrared light by yourself.

2. Connect the wireless camera to the computer, turn on the computer, and then install the driver of the wireless camera. Of course, some wireless cameras are driver-free, which is more convenient and one less step.

3. At this time, you can see the port and address of the wireless camera on the computer. This port and address can be defaulted or set according to your own preferences.

4. Then follow the prompts in the computer interface to set up the router so that the router can automatically obtain the data of the surveillance camera, so that it can be monitored remotely.

5. Install the corresponding network surveillance camera APP in your mobile phone. Generally, when you buy a camera, the seller will give you the software together. Sometimes you need to download it on your mobile phone. Then use the APP to pair the camera with the router's WiFi.

6. Tighten the screws at the installation position to fix the base. Then fix the network camera, plug it in, and use the mobile phone to see if the monitoring screen can be displayed normally. If the screen is clear, the camera installation is successful. If it is a desktop camera, it can be placed on the desktop of the certificate.

Wireless camera transmission distance

Generally speaking, the transmission distance of a wireless camera has nothing to do with the camera. It is related to the wireless network card or wireless transmission device of the product. Usually, the transmission distance of the wireless camera is between 100-1200 meters. If there is a professional transmission device, the transmission distance can reach 10 kilometers, but there are certain requirements for the harmonious transmission distance, and it needs to be free of obstruction. If there is obstruction, the transmission distance will be reduced. situation to decide. Of course, the transmission distance of a wireless camera is also related to the power of the product. In a complex environment, a wireless camera with the same power will have a transmission distance of 800-1000 in an open environment without obstacles. Meters or so, if there is an obstacle, then it will be slightly closer.

Nowadays, many wireless cameras can be controlled through the app with cloud storage function. These cameras can be directly uploaded to the APP through WIFI, no matter how far the mobile phone is, the monitoring picture can be received.

How to connect a wireless camera to a mobile phone?

1. The camera is connected to the router with a network cable, powered on, the computer is also connected to the same router and the client software is installed.

2. Use the camera's search tool to search for the camera IP, and change the IP to the same network segment as the router to save. Then enter the IP in the IE bar to enter the WEB interface for simple settings (such as setting wifi lights.

3. Enter the router for port mapping (if the camera is P2P capable, this step can be skipped).

4. Install the client software on the mobile phone and turn on the Internet access function, and enter the ID and password provided by the camera to access it normally.

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