Home Security Camera Buying Guide

Whether it is for anti-theft or want to check the situation of pets at home, home remote surveillance camera monitoring systems are essential equipment for families. Many home surveillance probes have real-time notifications and built-in sirens and other safety features.

Today's home surveillance cameras are packed with features such as two-way communication, night vision, cloud storage, motion tracking, and high-definition video, making it difficult for many to choose.

What is the home surveillance camera?

The home surveillance camera is a video surveillance device that allows you to monitor property theft, monitor pets, babies, etc. from anywhere, using an internet connection to stream live or recorded footage to your smartphone.

Features of home surveillance empty camera surveillance system

  • Wireless communication is generally done via Wi-Fi or using a wired connection (wireless Wi-Fi-connected cameras are now mainstream).
  • Powered by cord, wall outlet or wireless rechargeable battery.
  • Can be used for home indoor or outdoor monitoring.
  • Video can be streamed live and controlled via a smartphone app.
  • Provide standard or higher resolution video.
  • The lens can be enlarged using a digital zoom.
  • With motion trigger function, it will automatically send an alarm when a moving object is found.
  • There is a "night vision" feature that allows you to see objects clearly even at night.
  • Usually includes two-way audio and built-in alarms, allowing two-way conversations with the person on the camera side via a mobile app.
  • May have a wide-angle lens and/or pan/tilt to adjust the field of view.

Indoor surveillance camera purchase points

1. Video resolution

The mainstream video resolution is 1080P, which is enough for ordinary home cameras and is currently the mainstream in the market. If you want sharper video, you'll have to use a 2K or 4K camera, but it's not cheap. Currently, most smartphones cannot stream in 4K, so 4K cameras can be ignored, and the speed and data requirements required for high resolution are high.

2. Vision

It should be ensured that the camera field of view should not be less than 120 degrees. Because the narrower the field of view, the more cameras are needed to monitor every corner of the home. The wider field of view is the 180-degree Logitech Circle 2, and the 360-degree YI Dome Camera is a good choice

3. Two-way audio

It's best to buy a video camera that has both a microphone and a speaker. Two-way audio helps deter trespassers in your home. If you have pets and babies, you can also communicate and reassure them via audio.

4. Night vision capability

Since infrared night vision from LED sensors is invisible to the human eye, it allows us to photograph anyone in front of the camera at night without the person being photographed.

5. Video storage

It's best to choose a camera that has both cloud and local storage. Storage is important for two reasons. First, camera recordings such as parties or events we can edit. Second, the photos and videos captured by the cameras can be useful evidence in the event of an intrusion and theft.
Some cameras offer both local and cloud storage, and some offer only one. Cloud storage is generally charged, but there are also cameras that provide free short-term cloud storage. Such as YI Dome Camera and Logitech Circle 2.

6. Compatible with intelligent control platform

Today, smart homes are increasingly entering ordinary homes. Integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is a must. If it's already in the Google or Amazon ecosystem, it's even more convenient that the camera can be easily integrated into the smart home.
With smart monitoring systems, people can command them with their voice. The camera can also be connected to other smart home devices for home automation.

7. Application

User-friendly apps are essential for watching live streaming recordings, monitoring cameras remotely, and getting timely notifications. Depending on your phone, choose a camera that offers an iOS or Android app.

8. Easy to install and use

Installation is simple and easy to understand, with step-by-step instructions. Some cameras have built-in batteries that can be installed without wires, but their batteries must be replaced periodically. A camera connected to your home's AC power doesn't need to worry about this.

9. Anti-extreme weather (outdoor camera)

Cameras installed outdoors should consider whether they can withstand extreme weather, such as heavy rain, snow, sand, and sunlight.

10. price

When buying, we don't want to buy junk products, nor do we want to buy things that are too expensive. Security cameras come in a wide price range, with the cheapest camera being the Wyze Cam, which costs just $25. There are also relatively high-end offerings that go as high as $100 to $200. For ordinary household use, a few dozen dollars of products will do. If you have higher requirements, you can consider high-end products.

How to Maintain Indoor Security Cameras?

Home security cameras require relatively little maintenance. However, due to their connection to the internet, keeping the software updated is crucial for security reasons. Check your camera's mobile app regularly for software updates and quickly update it according to your camera's instruction manual. It is recommended that you restart the camera surveillance system at least every 60 days.

To maintain sharp images, it's important to clean your camera lens—especially outdoors, where dust and debris can easily collect. Clean the lens regularly with a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth. Do not use alcohol- or ammonia-based cleaners, as this will damage the protective film on the lens. Also check the environment around the camera; branches swaying in the wind in front of the camera will block the view and send you endless notifications.

Although, most outdoor cameras are resistant to harsh outdoor weather and are 100% completely weatherproof. If you experience extreme inclement weather, check all cameras afterwards to see if they work.


Buying a proper remote home surveillance camera is definitely worth it. If thieves notice a security camera, they will choose not to steal the home; if the home is stolen, the homeowner can use the camera footage as evidence in a criminal investigation. The camera can also monitor the occurrence of crime in real time and tell the police early, so it can also speed up the police's response. In addition, the camera installed at the door can also be used as a doorbell to chat with visitors. If it is an indoor camera, it can also monitor the situation of pets, babies, etc. at home, and can communicate and comfort them in time. In addition, if there is a water leak, fire, etc. in the home, you can see the situation in time and respond in advance.

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