USB Mini Refrigeration Air Conditioner Household Small Air Cooler

$29.99 $39.99
1. A variety of cooling methods to meet different needs, the following experiment was tested at room temperature 36℃, add ice to quickly cool down, 3 seconds to drop 10℃C, use ice water atomization to blow out cold wind, absorb the heat from the wind into the air, and achieve the cooling effect.
2. Easy control of wind speed, three-speed wind speed adjustment, free adjustment, delicate atomization to enjoy moisturizing, always moisturized, your mobile humidifier, when the fan mode is turned on, press the humidification button to turn on the humidification mode.
3. Large wind power, small and convenient spray fan, portable air conditioner, long-term blowing without drying, moisturizing and hydrating.
4. Convenient and applicable: The mobile phone holder is designed to be a multi-purpose artifact in summer, and it can free your hands in summer.
5. Small and convenient: Hidden beauty mirror, not afraid of makeup, beauty mirror design, let you who love beauty remain exquisite at any time.

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