V380 Mini Wifi IP Camera HD 1080P Wireless Indoor Camera

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Product model: V380
High-definition night vision: through the light-sensitive response switch, night vision 10 meters (IR-CUT automatic switching)
Video encoding: H.264
Video frame rate: 1-30 frames
Recording method: mobile phone recording + alarm recording
Video playback method: mobile client + computer client
Pixel: 100W
Local storage: support external 64G memory card, support 24-hour recording or alarm recording
WIFI remote: support
Power supply voltage: 5V1A
Working temperature: 0C~55℃
Single machine weight: 45g
Motion detection: support
Video control: support
Audio input input: built-in 380B microphone;
Output: Built-in 8 ohm 2 watt speaker
Image sensor | 1/4" HD CMOS 1 million pixel CMOS sensor


Sports DV·Aerial Photography
Comes with WIFI hotspot/mobile phone remote shooting/no light night vision
Motion detection alarm
When the machine detects a moving object, it will switch to motion detection mode to record and capture abnormal phenomena in time
HD non-light night vision
The machine has a built-in night vision light, so it can be taken clearly at night without light. It runs at night without sound and light, making it more convenient to take pictures.
Smart Power Chip
The machine is equipped with a powerful chip, low power consumption, long life, and fast speed.
Multiple platform client compatibility
Remote viewing on multiple platforms, support for mobile phones, computers, tablets (Android, IOS, Windows) and strong compatibility
Support memory
The machine supports up to 64GB, plug and play, bid farewell to hard disk storage

Package Included:

Camera *1

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