Mini Massage Wireless Fascia Gun 6 Gears Muscle Massage Equipment

$32.99 $48.99


1. Large rotation speed: 3200 rotation speed is enough to meet the use of any group, although the body is small, the strength is not reduced;
2. Large capacity: 7.4V1800mAh battery capacity, it is not easy for such a small fascia gun, the battery life is nearly 6 hours;
3. Low noise: less than 44dB noise design, basically close to silent output, will not affect the rest of others;
4. Large torque: 12.5KGF torque custom motor, in such a small space, play its own role.
5. Quality assurance: all kinds of quality inspection and certification, safe and effective


Name: Small Fascia Gun
Applicable parts: the whole body can be used
Body material: ABS
Key mode: touch
Color style: There are 4 colors, the packaging can be handbag or box
Massage head: 4 massage heads
Massage technique: Vibration and beating
Gears: 6 gears can be adjusted in size
Charging method: USB
Battery capacity: 7.4V1800mAh large capacity
Battery life: nearly 6 hours
Motor type: brushed motor
Rated frequency: 3200R/MIN
Warranty time: one year
Certification Type: CE, FCC, Quality Inspection Assurance


1 x Fascia gun
4 x Massage head
1 x Manual

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