GF22 Magnetic Mini Car Tracker GPS Locator Real Time Tracking Locator

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1、True GPS: Supports full-function positioning. Support WIFI positioning, LBS positioning, GPS positioning, AGPS positioning, intelligently select the mode according to the location environment, to achieve power saving and fast and accurate positioning. Both indoor and outdoor use Long battery life.
2、Fence Protection Safety Reminder: Set a safe area. When the car enters or leaves the safe area, the mobile phone will receive a reminder here. You can track the car without opening the app.
3、High-definition Real-life Street Map: High-definition real-life street map, allowing you to find the location of the elderly vehicle faster and more accurately in an unfamiliar environment.
4、Voice-activated Listening-continuous Recording: No manual instructions are required, automatic continuous recording when someone is talking.
5、SOS One Button-emergency Help: When the elderly and children are lost and encounter danger, press the SOS button for 3 seconds and release, and the host will actively call the emergency call to call the police.


Name: Mini GPS Locator
Recording range: 80 square meters
Positioning mode: GPS/WIFI/LBS/AGP
Memory support: TF card 16GB (not included)
Support frequency: 2G~4G
Body memory: 1024M
Positioning time: 20 seconds
Battery: polymer (500mAh)
Standby time: 12 days, working time 4-6 days
Charging input: 5V voltage
Working temperature: -20-85℃ temperature
Functions: remote recording, voice control recording, high-definition GPS, WIFI, LBS and AGPS positioning, real-time tracking, historical track, electronic fence, remote switch, AAP, computer terminal, message operation, SOS for help.
Product size: about 42*26*15 mm/1.65*1.02*0.59 inch
Packing size: about 105*75*40 mm/4.13*2.95*1.57 inch

Package Included:

Power Cord*1

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