D3 HD 4K dual-lens WiFi Wireless Remote Two-way Surveillance Camera

$32.99 $49.99
JL-D3 parameters: APP (FtyCamPro) Chinese, English and Russian telephoto lens 16 million pixels + wide-angle lens 170 degrees 16 million pixels (dual lens 32 million pixels) video resolution 4k Built-in battery, speaker, microphone, WiFi
Function: Photo, video, audio recording, voice intercom, global Wi-Fi remote mobile phone (any brand) tablet can monitor, remote control LED night vision light to turn on, power supply can be powered by power bank or socket, or self-contained battery can continue to record , Continuous recording when power off, magnetic body, built-in hotspot connection, disconnected video recording, support 128G memory card and APP to save photos and videos to mobile phones
Uses: bicycle and motorcycle riding, outdoor extreme sports skydiving and jumping on the helmet, aerial camera, driving recorder, shop monitoring, warehouse video, real-time babysitting of the elderly (using mobile phones to remotely check the status of children and elderly at home when not at home) family living room room Monitoring, corridor monitoring, home door monitoring, office, travel, conference, classroom, pet care, can be magnetically attached to refrigerators, warehouse iron shelves, and other iron products
Convenient installation: Distributed 360 rotating magnetic bracket, no drilling, no welding, plug and play, support 1/4 threaded interface, with lanyard port

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