GF09 GPS positioner APP Remote Control Anti-Theft Device GPRS Locator

$25.99 $36.99


Multifunction design
Remote pickup, remote recording, APP
Listening, voice recording, voice control callback, real-time tracking,
Shock burglar alarm, SOS one key for help, historical trajectory
Comprehensive support WiFi, LBS, GPS and BEIDOU
High-definition silicon microphone
Electronic fence
Support a variety of power saving mode
Low battery reminder
Remote switch machine
Built-in strong magnetic
Free installation


positioning accuracy: 10 - 50 meters
Memory support: TF card 32GB ( not included )
Recording range: 80 square meters
Platform view: SMS + APP + computer
Communication frequency: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz
Charging input: 5V voltage
Working temperature: -20 - 85 Deg.C
Network standard: GSM / GPRS
Body memory: 1024M

Package included:

1 x GPS Tracker
1 x USB Cable
1 x English Manual


1. Preparation Before Use
1). Prepare a nano sim card which compatible 2G GSM network,if a new SIM card, need 24 hours to activate properly; also need to set off the PIN code of the sim card
2). Open GPRS and Caller ID Display service of the sim card
3). Scan QR code on first page to download 365GPS APP
2、Power on
Insert the nano sim card into the tracker's sim card slot ( there is a missing angle alignment for sim card and the slot ), power button is the black button next to sim card slot.
Power On: long press for 3seconds
SOS: long press for 3seconds in power on mode
Power off: long press for 10seconds (with sim card)
Power off: long press for 3seconds (without sim card)
3、Account Login
There is a sticker with every device, 15digits numbers -- it's the IMEI number, just the Login ID. Open 365GPS APP:
Login ID: IMEI number
Password: 123456
4、LED lights
Red: Battery, slow normal, fast low battery, bright on charging
Yellow: GSM, slow normal, fast search signal, bright no sim
Blue: GPS, slow normal, fast search, bright get GPS no sim
5、SMS commands
8.1 Inquire IMEI No.: “imei#”
8.2 Restore default password: “pwrst”
8.3 Restore to the factory settings: “1122”
8.4 Set Upload interval: “Time#Minute”(minute range 1-120minute);“MD#Second”(second range 10-60seconds)
8.5 Open/Close LED: “LED#ON/LED#OFF”
8.6 APN settings: “APN#parameter#account#password#”
8.7 Remote Restart: “SYSRST”
8.8 Vibration Alarm: “6666#on# / 6666#off#”
8.9 Modify IP address: “DOMAIN# IP#Port ID#”
6、SMS operation
000 # number # number # number # (binding three phone )
111 (SMS recording 10 minutes pause )
222 (voice recording 10 minutes pause, auto recording 10minutes again if any voice, every time 10minutes )
333 (voice-activated dial-back call to binding numbers )
444 (delete all contents of memory)
555 (turn off all features)
666 (vibration alarm SMS to binding number)
777 (vibration alarm call to binding numbers)
888 (play the memory recording --- this require a speaker )
999 ( SMS Coordinate Positioning )

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