What are the functions of intelligent high-definition surveillance cameras?

Surveillance cameras are a relatively common security product in our lives. With the development of the times, there are security cameras in all walks of life, and their appearance has brought great help to our production and life. Take the transportation industry as an example. Now, as there are more and more vehicles in our lives, the traffic environment is becoming more and more complicated. The emergence of intelligent high-definition surveillance cameras can not only help us understand real-time road information, but also provide road condition information for our car owners. It has greatly improved our traffic conditions and effectively avoided traffic accidents.

1. Traffic information

The intelligent high-definition camera can provide real-time monitoring of changes in road traffic flow, and the command center staff can quickly take countermeasures according to the displayed situation, disperse the traffic flow in time, and reduce congestion. The intelligent traffic high-definition video monitoring system can record the traffic operation in real time, and can also analyze and count the traffic operation. In order to facilitate the command center to make a more reasonable deployment strategy, it also provides a basis for the optimization of the urban transportation network.

Function for Intelligent High-definition Camera in Traffic information

2. Identification function

Intelligent high-definition surveillance cameras can help traffic law enforcement departments to capture license plate information of illegal vehicles and illegal vehicles, and capture the driver's face information at the same time. The high-definition electronic eye can not only clearly capture the license plate of the driving vehicle, but also can see whether the driver is wearing a seat belt and the facial features of the people in the front row. This shows the importance of high-definition monitoring to traffic law enforcement.

Function for Intelligent High-definition Camera in Identication

3. Scheduling function

Intelligent high-definition surveillance cameras can enable the staff of the command center to keep abreast of the on-site situation through the monitoring large screen in the event of traffic jams or accidents, and retrieve relevant high-definition video images and information through the monitoring system to observe detailed details and quickly command Schedule the actions of on-site personnel and take corresponding measures in a timely manner.

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